Key Facts

  • Release state: Unreleased, Demo available
  • Planned release date: 8th January 2024
  • Platforms: PC / Steam
  • Developer: Tom Mason
  • Music: Nicole Marie T
  • Contact:

About Drilbert

Drilbert is a short puzzle game with a unique digging mechanic, made by a solo developer. It is currently in development and will be released on the 8th of January 2024. The game is well paced, and doesn't overstay its welcome. There are no enemies, the goal is to collect all the gold in the room, then make it to the flag. Read more about the design philosophy of Drilbert here.

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About Me

I'm an Irish game developer who lives in France. I previously worked at Wube Software on factorio, and at Artomatix on ArtEngine (acquired by Unity and discontinued). In a past life I also worked on an open source reimplementation of Diablo. I play a variety of different games, and love interesting puzzlers, especially Zachtronics games. I occasionally blog about tech and gamedev. Dogs > cats. Spaces > tabs. Vim > emacs. I also love long walks on the beach I guess.

Permission / Disclaimer

You are free to use any of the assets on this page for your own purposes, with the exception of third-party youtube videos, which are not mine to give permission for.